Return policy

A Customer who for whatever reason is not satisfied with their purchase may withdraw from the contract within 10 working days of receipt of the merchandise, without any penalty, on the condition that the product is intact and can be resold.

The customer is responsible only for the direct expenses to return the good to Orto di Puglia Miccoli Giuseppe., equal to € 35.00, which includes the on-site pick-up of the merchandise, shipping and delivery to our warehouses, which will be indicated on a case by case basis, receipt and stocking in the warehouse.
In the case in which, in the judgement of Orto di Puglia Miccoli Giuseppe, the product is not in a condition to allow resale, we will return the same to the customer, charging the expenses for said return. The good must be returned in normal conditions, not used nor opened by the consumer in accordance with normal diligence.
In order to exercise their right of withdrawal, the Customer must send written communication to the registered office of Orto di Puglia Miccoli Giuseppe. via registered letter with return receipt.

This communication can also be sent, within the same deadline, by telegram or email. However, communication must also be sent by registered letter with return receipt within the 48 hours following the transmission of said communication.
The right of withdrawal can not be exercised in the case of supplying of audio-visual products or sealed IT software that has been opened by the consumer.

In the case that the Customer exercises their right to withdrawal, Orto di Puglia Miccoli Giuseppe. shall reimburse the amount paid, deducting the return charges (€ 35.00) by a credit sent to the bank current account supplied by said Customer, within 30 days following the day subsequent to the date the contract is terminated or on the date on which Orto di Puglia Miccoli Giuseppe becomes aware that the consumer has exercised their right to withdrawal.
The return charges indicated are fixed and independent of the value of the asset, unless otherwise communicated.