Terms of Sales:

Information regarding the conclusion of the online contract related to the purchase of products

In conformance with the Legislative Decree of 9 April 2003, no. 70, containing the provisions of e-commerce, OrtodiPuglia informs you that:

To conclude your purchase of one or more products on our Site,

The customer must complete an order in electronic format and send it to OrtodiPuglia, following the instructions that appear every time on the site;

The contract is closed when the order is received on the server that OrtodiPuglia uses;

Before completing and sending the order, the customer can personalize and correct possible errors of personal information by following the instructions on the site, or modify your order;

After completion of the order it is no longer possible to modify it, because the product is being prepared for shipment, done in every case, except for cases subject to its right of withdrawal;

Once the order is registered, OrtodiPuglia will send the customer an email to the registered address, containing the confirmation of order: a summary of the general and specific conditions applicable to the contract, the information regarding essential details of the purchased item/s, a detailed price breakdown, the method of payment used, the shipment costs, and the possible added costs, as well as other possible useful information;

The order will be archived in the OrtodiPuglia database for the period time necessary to complete the pending order, in accordance with the law. The summarized elements of the order will be given in the order confirmation.

The languages available to the customer for the closing of contracts are English and Italian. The customer services are able to communicate with the customer in the same language.


Method of payment

 The payment of products bought on the site can be completed through credit card and PayPal payment solutions.

 Payment by credit card

The payment of products bought on the site can be completed through credit cards directly through the site. The accepted credit cards are indicated on the footer of every page on the site. OrtodiPuglia uses a secure method of bank payment that involves the use of security protocol SSL.

The confidential data of the credit card (card number, card holder, expiry date, and security code) are encrypted and transmitted directly to the payment manager. OrtodiPuglia, therefore does not memorize the credit card details used by the customer for the payment of products, except for the last four digits of the credit card used, and the expiry date.

 Payment by PayPal solutions

The payment of purchased products on the site can be made with PayPal payment solutions. If the customer chooses to use the PayPal method of payment, He/ She will be redirected to the www.paypal.it site, where PayPal will authorize proceeding with the OrtodiPuglia payment, on demand, according to the procedure laid down and regulated by PayPal, as well as the terms and conditions of the contract between You and PayPal.

OrtodiPuglia is therefore not in a position to know and does not store the details or data linked to your PayPal account, or any other instrument associated to this account. In the case of payment via PayPal, PayPal will charge the total amount due to the customer at the time of shipment of the products or the business day before the shipment. In the even of termination of the purchase contract, or any other case refund, the same amount due will be credited back into your PayPal account. The refund time on the payment method connected to your account is dependent solely on PayPal, and the banking system. Once the credit refund has been validated in the customer’s bank account, OrtodiPuglia cannot be held responsible for possible delays or missing refund amounts due to the customer. The customer must apply directly to PayPal for any dispute regarding this matter.